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ארגון בוגרי האוניברסיטה

About the Alumni Association

The idea of establishing a University of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel was part of the Zionist vision from its very beginning. In 1913, the Eleventh Zionist Congress approved the establishment of this institution. However, only in 1918, with the laying of the cornerstone for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem were the first steps taken to realize this dream. Seven years later, on April 1, 1925 the official inauguration of the University took place on Mount Scopus, located to the east of the Holy City and looking upon it. The gates of the University were opened.

Since then and until today, the University continues to grow and develop and is a leading institution for research and teaching in the fields of humanities, social sciences, education, law, science, medicine, and agriculture.  The Hebrew University is ranked among the world's leading universities by the Times Higher Education Supplement of London.

The tens of thousands of Hebrew University alumni constitute an elite group, involved in the life of activity and creativity in Israel and abroad, and they are a source of pride to the University.

The Alumni Association emphasizes in its vision three concepts: (1) maintaining the ties of the alumni to the Hebrew University; (2) building ties among the alumni themselves; and (3) building the alumni into a supportive group which contributes to the welfare of the institution and its students.

The University wishes to renew  it's contacts with the alumni and recruit them for further action and  involvement in science and research, industry and production and mainly in the advancement of higher education in Israel.

The Alumni Association shall offer activities to promote creation of personal, social and employment ties within the University’s system and mainly in the departments in which the alumni studied. The variety of activities shall be broad and offer intellectual – academic activities (lectures, continuing study programs, professional conferences), social activities (meetings over a cup of coffee and organized trips), and networking activities in the business area (meetings with policy makers and the owners of companies).

Alumni who join the Association shall be entitled to a “Hebrew University Alumni” card and enjoy many benefits.

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