Hebrew University Alumni Association

The Hebrew University’s alumni, comprising over 280,000 graduates, serve as a source of great pride to the University. The Hebrew University Alumni Association works to maintain strong ties between alumni and the University, ensuring that they are active and engaged members of the University community.

The Alumni Association works to:

* Promote close relationships between alumni and the University

* Forge connections among alumni

* Build a community that supports and contributes to the University’s academic and research activities

* Facilitate mentorships between alumni and the student population

The Alumni Association organizes social and networking events for its members.

Numerous activities are held each year, such as academic lectures, study programs, cultural programs, professional conferences, and exclusive meetings with policymakers, entrepreneurs and company executives.

The Alumni Association invites Hebrew University alumni to get involved and get in touch.

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This worldwide Hebrew University alumni network, includes unique career opportunities and job offers, mentoring partnerships, University news, alumni benefits and invitations to events.

Alumni living outside of Israel are welcome to connect with Friends organizations around the world. For a list of friends organization click here.

To contact us by email: alumnifriends@savion.huji.ac.il

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The Hebrew University Alumni Association